Scar V1

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Scar V1 blaster


Sight (non-functional)

Orange safety tip/flash hider

7.4v battery and USB charging cable

Safety glasses

5x 500 gels


The Scar V1 is a great old school blaster, shooting at up to 190 FPS, 20m distance, approx. 6 RPS with decent accuracy straight out of the box. Safe, Semi and Full Auto firing modes.

While it is an older Gen model, it has a nice and solid build quality for its era. Its still considered as a lower impact blaster (compared to gen8+), has an adjustable and folding stock, is light weight and compact, so it's ideal for the younger players having some backyard fun. The kinetic (not battery operated) magazine is also one less electrical component to worry.


Geat kids blaster

Quite a robust and solid build

Reasonably accurate and a good fire rate

Nicely detailed blaster overall


Stock gels that come with the blaster are of low quality and can cause feeding issues

Upgrade parts are harder to obtain