MP5 V2 Gel Blaster

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Shoots at up to 220 FPS, 20-25 distance, approx. 12 RPS with fantastic accuracy straight out of the box. Safe and Full Auto firing modes.

This is a fantastic blaster that performs great stock standard and straight out of the box, it also has the potential to be a quality competition level blaster with just a few base upgrades. Its compact size and drum mag makes it ideal for close quarter combat game-play and for the younger competitors (spend less time reloading for them). The MP5 V2 is a Gen8 model, which means internally it can be upgraded to be as competitive as any other blaster on the market.

It comes stock standard with a drum-magazine, adjustable stock and functioning mag-prime feature.

It's ideal for adolescent/adult recreational play to beginner level competition grade play.


Accurate and a good fire rate

Nicely detailed blaster overall


Drum mag

Plenty of upgrade potential


Great sized blaster for the smaller players/CQB

Small battery compartment size

Limited external modifications available