HK416 Gel Blaster

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The Gen 6 HK416 is a great stock standard blaster.

It shoots at up to 250 FPS, 25-30m distance, approx. 12 RPS with decent accuracy straight out of the box. Safe, Semi and Full Auto firing modes.

Performs great stock standard and straight out of the box, but it also has the potential to be a quality competition level blaster with just a few base upgrades. It brings a high-quality Nylon build, receiver, Handguard, Buttstock, Magazine, Warinterest V2 gearbox, Alloy Buffer-tube and Barrel. With an abundance of upgrade parts available, internally and externally, you can also customize this model to your own unique style.

It's ideal for adolescent/adult recreational play to beginner level competition grade play.


Hard hitting, accurate and a good fire rate

Nicely detailed blaster overall

Plenty of upgrade potential


Uniquely shaped upper receiver & handguard, so most available/common metal handguards have a different top rail height. 

No mag prime feature stock standard

Not recommended for ages 14 and under