polarstar Fusion engine

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please not this is just the engine and gearbox 

please contact if you wish to arrange installation or lines, tanks and regulator




This is a complete drop-in system which replaces the entire AEG gearbox with a full CNC machined lightweight aluminum chassis. It is the most adjustable system we produce with the widest range of adjustment in both velocity and rate of fire. Being a dual solenoid, closed bolt system so you are able to adjust the poppet valve (firing air) and nozzle (feeding) independently for full control over both the loading time and air volume used.

This system was primarily designed to deliver maximum power so air efficiency was not a critical part of its development. However, thanks to the modular design of its poppet valve, the system can be fine tuned using more restrictive valve stems and shims which allows air efficiency to more than double when operating at traditional field velocities.

APPROX Air Efficiency: 400+ shots from 13/3000