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Welcome to U-Gellly Gel Blasters and Bay City Arena

We’re committed to the promotion and safe use of Gel Blasters and Gelballing equipment in a fun, healthy, family-oriented environment. We actively support Gel Blaster Association as well as local sporting teams, QLD Street Smart and encourage the healthy living lifestyle that results from engaging in physical activities, sporting games and events. We encourage everyone young and old to get out have a go at Gel Balling at a local registered field, experience the thrill of the fast-paced action in a safe and friendly environment.

Dont forget to keep an eye out for our family fun days! Come on down and experience the thrill that is gel ball!!

This is an event aimed at the younger player who is still looking to grow their skills and confidence. With a 260fps limit and single-shot-only game modes, this is the perfect place to do so.

$35 per person with your own equipment

$55 for a blaster, full face mask, and unlimited gels for the session.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Gel Blaster?

If you have not previously heard about Gel Blasters, you may be familiar with its other names, Gel Soft or Gel Ball Shooters. Gel blasters are similar to Airsoft Guns, except they use water bead gel-like balls. Gel Blasters are used in a team or individual-based close-quarter battle games, where squads or players play against each other.

Are Gel Blasters Legal In QLD?

Unlike other states in Australia, Gel Blasters are legal to own in Queensland. However, if you do own a gel blaster or intend to own one, you must not carry them unconcealed in public. Owners must keep their gel blasters in locked storage and keep away. Gel blasters are only to be used for their intended purpose. Failure to abide by the QLD laws related to Gel blasters can incur fines or Gaol time.

Do Gel Blasters Hurt?

While it all depends on your individual pain tolerance and the type of blaster and distance, Gel blasters shots at the most will feel like a quick pressure and at worst may leave a temporary read mark. Gel balls will NOT pierce your skin or danger anyone around you. It is important to always wear the correct equipment when engaging in Gel Blaster games & activities.

How Far Can a Gel Blaster Shoot?

Most of the time the average range for gel blasters is usually 15 to 25 meters. Shorter blasters such as pistols shoot shorter distances comparably to their rifle counterparts.

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